User incidents (Helpdesk tool)
With KITRT (Kontrol-IT Request Tool) users can report incidents to the IT Department for any of the IT equipments in Kontrol-IT database.
These tickets arrive in real time to the IT support team and can be managed instantly. Both parties involved have all the information needed to know the progress of those incidents.

Material requests. Shopping lists.
Users can generate Material orders or shopping lists. These orders must be approved by their respective manager. Once they are approved, IT users can proceed to order the material from the appropiate provider. Kontrol-IT can generate a PDF document with the Purchase Order.

Project Management
Kontrol-IT has an incredible Project Management Tool. It can be used to manage any type of project (big or small). And integrated with the rest of your own IT world.

Kontrol-IT works with any language. Users will work with Kontrol-IT in their own language. Automatically.

IT Budgets
Kontrol-IT has functions related to IT Budget management. IT users can work with Budget and real expenses and compare figures, display business grafics, etc. Managing IT Budgets is really simple.

Manage, control and monitor all IT equipments
With Kontrol-IT all the IT equipments are under control. You can store information for each device and access it when you need it. There are several types of devices (PC,s, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Switches, Routers, IP Phones, etc.) to work with. All of them can be controlled/supervised by Kontrol-IT.

Users management
With the Users Management tool IT users can manage all the users that can work with the application. The possible number of users is unlimited.
Normal users can update their own data themselves.

Meeting Rooms management
With Kontrol-IT you can manage your Meeting Rooms. All Kontrol-IT Users can book Meeting Rooms depending of the Meeting Room facilities (projector, video-conference system, etc.) and dates.

Voice over IP
Kontrol-IT users can use Voice over IP functionality to communicate between them without any cost, or call to any other telephone in the world with very good rates. More info here.

On-line messaging server
All users of Kontrol-IT has a very useful option: communicate in real time with the rest of the users of the application. To make this possible, Kontrol-IT has a Jabber Messaging Server, so, the only requirement is to install a Jabber Client in the user PC (Jabber Clients are free of charge). This option allows, for example, IT users to communicate in real time with final users to provide the service, or final users can communicate between them.