Kontrol-IT Request Tool (KITRT)

KITRT is the tool that system users can utilize to report incidents, problems and questions to the IT guys.

These “tickets” can be linked to any IT asset so, afterwards, the IT assets can be analyzed by number of incidents, etc.

  • Tickets can be created by any of the Kontrol-IT users
  • A ticket can be linked to an IT asset
  • Users can attach a file (jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, xls, zip, txt) to the ticket
  • IT users can open tickets to another person (problem comunicated by phone, email...)
  • When a ticket is opened it can be assigned to any IT user

How it works

When a new ticket is created

The person in charge of the ticket will work in the following screen informing about the progress.

The user that opened the ticket will be informed by email that the ticket has been updated and she/he can be informed about the progress, the next action programed, dates of resolution, status, etc.

When the ticket is solved by the IT user, an email is sent to the person that opened the ticket informing about the new status. The user has two options: Test Ok or Test not Ok.

If is Test Ok the ticket will be closed automatically.
If is Test not Ok, the user can explain the reasons that the ticket is not solved yet.

Of course, the IT users can monitor the situation of all the tickets with very powerful tools.