Project Management

If you are managing IT, you have projects to manage. For sure.

Until now you could use any "independent" tools like Microsoft Project(R) or any other similar software. This means:

  • You need training because these programs are not easy to use... and, in adition, these programs are expensive
  • It is really complicate share all the information between the different teams involved in the projects
  • IT Managers do not have a clear view of the day by day evolution of the different projects
  • Project files/details are, finally, only used by the Project Manager
  • Project information is not automatically linked with any software you use to manage your IT environment
  • IT Managers do not have a global view about the different projects
  • Information between different projects are not linked

Kontrol-IT can help because:

  • Project information is totally integrated with the rest of the IT data
  • Manage a project is really easy. The training is done in minutes
  • Project Managers expend their time managing projects, not managing "the software of the project"
  • IT Managers will have a global and total view of all the projects
  • Everyone involved in a project can update the project information in real time
  • The projects can be monitored in real time by the Managers
  • No limits. You can manage unlimited number of projects

How it works

When a new project is created, there are 3 different types of data:

- Milestones
- Action Items
- Expenses

You can define Items as much as you need and each milestone can have all the action items as you want.

Of course, the Gantt Diagram is automatically generated:

The Managers can have a graphical view of several aspects of the projects: