Voice over IP (VoIP)

Kontrol-IT has a new and very useful functionality: Kontrol-IT users has VoIP to communicate between them (for free) and even make calls to any telephone in the world (with very low rates)!.

With this solution, your Company can have a total and complete Voice Over IP functionality. Your communication costs can drop dramatically. For example, the phone communication between your own offices (one could be in Los Angeles, USA, and other office could be in Beijing, China) is totally free. And, if you want to use this service to call any other person in the world, you can use the same tool with very aggressive prices. Anywhere in the world.

When a user is configured in Kontrol-IT, an "IP Phone number" is assigned to that user. With this number, any Kontrol-IT user can call her/him and talk without any cost.

Needed hardware:
The Kontrol-IT user PC needs a microphone and speakers.

Needed software
To use this functionality is needed to install in the Kontrol-IT user PC a SIP software client like SJphone. This excellent SIPJabber client has versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux and is free.