Kontrol-IT is a Web Application that try to help IT Departments offering high quality functionalities to provide a better service for final IT users.

These are the most important points about how it works.

One of the biggest problems currently in the IT environment is the high level of complexity. Many times, users only use around 10% of the total functionalities of the software tools. They never use 90% of the rest of options.
Users, often, are weighed down by complex screens, menus, windows, options lists, etc.

For us the simplicity is important. Users has "clean" screens with all options clearly defined. There are no cryptic buttons or unintelligibles texts. Everything is clear and user friendly.
This simplicity has a double advantage: web pages are very light and... fast. The needed bandwidth for a fluency use is very low.

In terms of processes, Kontrol-IT has very clear and easy to understand way to perform all the actions. Final users doesnt need any special knowledge. If they know how to surf the web on the Internet, they will be able to use Kontrol-IT.

Kontrol-IT use the most advanced technologies based on international standards. Reliability is one of the key points where we are focused.

Customers can use the Operating System, browsers, etc. they are already using, the same equipments they already has. Because we are talking about a Web application, the client side can use technoogy they want. The only requirement is that the user needs to have an Internet connection.

Kontrol-IT use the most prestigious hardware and software to maintain our systems. We are clearly aiming to provide the better service for our customers.

When we are talking about a Web application accesed by Internet, Security is basic. In this sense Kontrol-IT provide the following:

- SSL encryption between the users and the servers. All traffic across Internet is totally encrypted.
- Kontrol-IT servers are protected against viruses, worms and any other threat with the best software and hardware in the market.
- The information in our servers is locally encrypted as well with a very high level of security.
- Kontrol-IT guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the information. We comply scrupulously with all regulations and laws.

There are three different types of users:

• Master user - This type of user is able to manage and define any other type of users. He/She can works with critical information like Company data, define other IT users, etc.
• IT user - This type of user can work as an IT person managing user tickets, IT equipments, Master Files, etc.
• Normal user - The "normal user" are, usually, final users that do not bellongs to the IT Department. These users can open Help Desk tickets, work with material requests, etc.

A good software will not be appreciated if its slow to work with. Kontrol-IT is really fast.

Our servers uses last technology with processors, disks, provide a very fast response. About our communication lines, our bandwidth is adapted to the number of remote users obtaining a very suitable response time.

Local resources
As this is a Web Application accesed by Internet, the local resources needed in the customer part are:

  1. Users must have an Internet connection to communicate with Kontrol-IT servers
  2. Users must have a Web browser with Javascript and cookies enabled. Valid Web browsers are: Internet Explorer (version 5.1 and above), Mozilla Firefox (version 1.5 and above), Safari (version 2.0 and above), Opera and many others.

Is not needed install any hardware or software in the customer equipments.

Kontrol-IT works automatically with, virtually, any language in the world. If one customer needs an special language we incorporate it at no cost. The application will work with the language defined in the Web browser as the default language.

Price with Kontrol-IT is based on monthly fees and is based with the number of equipments of the Customer. The price to pay each month is very transparent. Customers can begin/finish to work with Kontrol-IT when they need it. There are no obligations or commitments about the continuance working with us. In the moment you want to stop working with Kontrol-IT, you will not pay anymore.

For a complete price list, please, follow this link.

Customer requests
Kontrol-IT is alive. Any user can communicate any suggestion to improve the application. Each suggestion is evaluated and, if its appropiate, it is incorporated ASAP.