Using Kontrol-IT you will have the following advantages:
  • Centralized and secure environment for all IT ticket incidents
  • More satisfied users with their Information Systems
  • Dramatic reduction with your internal and external communication costs
  • Controlled environment and secure with your IM (Jabber) communications
  • Controlled, centralized and updated inventories for IT assets
  • Unified reservation system for Meeting Rooms in all your offices
  • Your IT Department will use centralized and homogenous tools
  • Physical presence of your IT support teams is not a problem anymore
  • All IT information is only at one place
  • Is not needed to invest in new hardware or software and its maintenance (forget backups, migrations, upgrades and updates of the SW)

To whom it goes directed?

  • Any type of Company, small, medium or big (anywhere in the world), with an IT environment (PC,s, servers, LAN, WAN, etc.)
  • Companies that provides external IT support to others