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We provide our Customers all needed IT infrastructure to guarantee a solid Internet presence.
Servers, Power, Backups, air conditioning, security, etc. is in our hands. Forget worries, expenses… and be focused on your business.

Cloud Storage
K-IT Cloud Storage is used to store all business data, backups, documents and any kind of files in a secure and flexible environment. Do you need to increase your storage capacity? We take care.

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Web Development

Your Company/Business needs to have a web portal where your Clients and potencial Customers discover what you can offer to them and, in addition, it has to be a communication point between them and your Company.

Apps development
SaaS is an extraordinary formula for your company to work globally without using internal resources that provides great flexibility and allows you to unify processes throughout your Organization. From an application for a specific matter to an ERP. We take care of everything.

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At Kontrol-IT we are specialists in providing email services to any type of organization. We adapt to your needs and offer our Clients the best service regardless of the size of your organization.

Kontrol-IT Internet Services, S.L.
NIF/VAT: B01963933
Address: Veintiseis St. - 28280 El Escorial - Madrid - Spain
Tel.: +34.921.524.127

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