Welcome to Kontrol-IT

Kontrol-IT is a private environment to manage unified the information systems of your Company. Globally and without HW, SW acquisitions. You manage your business and Kontrol-IT manage your IT.

With Kontrol-IT your IT Department can provide a better service to your IT users offering a quality support and improving services that, traditionally, IT Departments offer.

Kontrol-IT can be used by an Internet connection. This means that, virtually, your IT Department can be managed from anywhere in the world independently where are the final users and where is your Company.

Kontrol-IT is your IT Department.

Main functionalities:

- Management of Internet domains (.com .net .org, etc.) for your Company
- Management of your Corporate Email service without users limits
User incidents (Helpdesk tool)
Material requests. Shopping lists
IT Budgets
Manage, control and monitor all IT equipments
Users management
On-line messaging server