At Kontrol-IT we provide a different Hosting service.

Whether you need to offer your website to the world or if you need to host your web applications to your own organization, Kontrol-IT hosting is for you.

  • Own infrastructure: we avoid using third-party infrastructure (AWS, Microsoft Cloud, IBM, etc.) while maintaining the highest performance and confidentiality.
  • We always keep our systems infrastructure at the forefront of technology.
  • Minimum energy expenditure: The energy impact of our Hosting service is the lowest in the market. By far.
  • Price: You will not find a better price in the market for your Hosting needs.
  • Ask the solution we can offer to your business here
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Kontrol-IT Internet Services, S.L.
NIF/VAT: B01963933
Address: Veintiseis St. - 28280 El Escorial - Madrid - Spain
Tel.: +34.921.524.127

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