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Kontrol-IT provides a complete set of Internet Services for your Company with the best solutions and the best conditions.

No matter where are your business located.
Our Customers are Worldwide.
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With Kontrol-IT you will have a partner, not only a provider.

Use of Internet is vital for any size Company and exploit the possibilities around telecommuting, digital marketing, sales, internal organization and all the unlimited options that Internet provide to us is absolutely necessary for all Companies / Business.

See how Kontrol-IT can help your organization with our services:

  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Storage
  • Web Development
  • SaaS Apps development
  • VIP Email service

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Kontrol-IT Internet Services, S.L.
NIF/VAT: B01963933
Address: Veintiseis St. - 28280 El Escorial - Madrid - Spain
Tel.: +34.921.524.127
Email: kontrol@kontrol-it.com

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